With great hope & joy we announce the arrival of Fly Hornbill ÔÇô the 1st commercial airline of North East India.

Our airlineÔÇÖs vision is focussed on highlighting the tremendous potential of the north east region and will showcase the vast untapped potential of the region in terms of its people, culture, food, vibrancy and natural beauty it has to offer.

We, at Fly Hornbill, have developed the right culture & values with the right Management team,  having diverse expertise, who can adapt to  the  changes in  aviation and  new market realities, specially suited to the North Eastern region.

We intend to develop Fly Hornbill into a truly professional airline, with special emphasis given to  on-time performance,cancellation avoidance, smooth baggage handling and customer friendly services both on ground and in flight with unrivalled safety standards. ,

The Hornbill team strives to support the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals of the organization, and  offer their expertise to ensure the success of the airline.